Maryjane’s Weed Rag


We have created this site for the purpose of education, awareness, and discussion. As with any social questions, everyone is entitled to their opinion. That is what makes us FREE….

We invite you to become involved, and evolve. It is only through voices being heard that progress can be achieved. So let us move forward out of the dark, and let the bright lights of growth SHINE….

We are new, and need all the friends we can get to help us…… FREE MARYJANE !!!!


Maryjane’s Weed Rag


Just so Everyone knows, we except everyone. It’s only together can we learn and grow…. I’m an old hippie, and I believe in the cause at hand. Not only because of the need for “TRUE” consideration for marijuana, but as a stepping stone to even greater Freedom….. With that, we welcome you all !!!